Why National Digital Architecture?

Coherent collection of policies, standards, and guidelines to guide government agencies in the design, acquire implement, and manage ICTs.  More

Governance Framework

Governance will ensure sustainability and maturity improvements.

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Standards and Guidelines

Standards and guidelines will enable better coordination and interoperability.

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BCC has won “The Award of Distinction in Digital Innovation” from the Open Group, India for the year 2022 for establishing National e-Service Bus.      BNDA e-service bus has successfully served more than 120 Million NID Verification request for Covid-19 vaccine registration “Surokkha”      Foodgrain Procurement Management System and Krishoker App (developed and maintained by BNDA team) got WINNER award in Agriculture category in BASIS National ICT award 2020 competition .      1100+ successful meetings has already been held at Boithok platform so far.      Recently, BNDA Team organized a workshop on 'BNDA standards' for 30+ BASIS member organizations.      BNDA team organized several workshop on 'BNDA standards' for all ministries.      BCC erceruitment portal(erecruitment.bcc.gov.bd) has been upgraded to National jobs portal(https://jobs.gov.bd/).

Welcome to BNDA Portal

Strategic Alignment

Enables higher performance by optimizing the contributions of people, process and technology.

Process Optimization

Looking inward within the business organization and supporting application space.

Cost reduction

Focus on technology standardization, efficiencies, skill leverage and potential retirement high cost system.

BNDA Digital Services

Latest Activities


Establishment of WOG (Whole-Of-Government) approach

Formulate Strategy for establishing WOG (Whole-Of-Government) platform i.e. large scale implementation of NDA framework

Developing cross-cutting e-services, Integrating more e-services with e-service bus

Conduct National workshops and awareness seminar


News & Events


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