BNDA Guideline

  Updated Time: 2019-07-11 16:07:11.0

ICT Division has published BNDA Guideline on 11 July 2019. It's a great achievement of the last 3+ years rigorous effort to establish BNDA framework and related stuff. It will enable ministries/divisions to implement BNDA framework at their end. Unfortunately, we have observed some unwanted and irrelevant texts, sections and clauses in the published guideline. For example, 'Sectoral Digital Architecture' term is used in several places. As per TOGAF framework, this is a misleading term! Again, Sectoral Digital Architecture, Digital Architecture,Digital Architecture Roadmap, ICT Roadmap, etc. are used interchangeably and without clear definition. It contains a section on 'Integration' which seems very insignificant and contradictory with 'e-service bus' section. The guideline mentions of a 'Single Service Structure' which bears no connection with BNDA framework and other parts of the document. We fear these inconsistencies may hinder smooth implementation of the guideline at ministries/divisions. However, BNDA team believes in continual improvement. So We will assist BCC and ICTD to make the guideline more mature day by day...

The guideline is available at the ICTD web portal.