National Digital Architecture

The Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is one of the apex bodies of the GoB that has been instrumental in carving the path for the development of e-Governance in Bangladesh over the last two decades. At present, the BCC is in the process of determining the potential success of e-Governance in Bangladesh through the establishment of the ‘National Digital Architecture and Interoperability Framework’ initiative. This initiative shall be the foundation for the successful ICT adoption in the Government.

The transformational potential of technology, especially with reference to the delivery of Government services can only be realized when the efforts towards its adoption, management and subsequent implementation are synchronized among different arms of the Government. A robust enterprise architecture and interoperability framework shall result in the realization of the vision as outlined in ‘Digital Bangladesh’ vision with ICT and emerging technologies.

National Digital Architecture Components

National Digital Architecture

Establishment of the contours and the broad structure for whole-of-government EA framework

eGovernment Interoperability Framework

Design, development and implementation of interoperability framework across the GoB

Mobile Service Delivery Platform

Preparation of the architecture and standards of MSDP                  

National e-Service Bus

Development of a middleware application/platform for e-service integration

Capacity Building and Change Management

Delineation of broad guidelines for establishing enabling smart e-governance organization for capacity development within government