BNDA has enabled BCC to win the prestigious WSIS Prizes 2024!

  Updated Time: 2024-04-18 16:33:47.0

We're thrilled to announce that Bangladesh Computer Council has been honored as a WSIS Prizes 2024 Champion! Under the category AL C5, "Building confidence and security in use of ICTs," our innovative solution for secure government video conferencing Boithok has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to governance, education, and sustainability in Bangladesh. With over 2.2 million votes cast during the Online Voting phase, Boithok emerged as one of the most voted projects in its category, showcasing the widespread support and impact it has had within our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported and believed in our vision. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without your unwavering support! Join us at the WSIS Prizes 2024 Ceremony on May 28th to celebrate the success of Boithok and discover the 18 WSIS Prizes 2024 Winners. Stay tuned for more updates! #WSIS #WSISPrizes2024 #Champion #NationalConnect #Boithok #BangladeshComputerCouncil #BNDA