Standard id Standard Clasification
MPS.AND.001 Use Android SDK for regular native android development. Recommended
MPS.AND.002 For system related access, use NDK. Recommended
MPS.AND.003 Use java or Kotlin for native app development. Recommended


Standard id Standard Clasification
MPS.IOS.001 Use X-Code for IOS development. Recommended
MPS.IOS.002 For legacy application, use Objective-C where necessary. Recommended
MPS.IOS.003 For new native IOS development, use SWIFT language. Recommended


Standard id Standard Clasification
MPS.HYB.001 Use any multiple phone web-based application framework to support the development of phone applications that are written as embedded dynamic websites and may leverage native phone capabilities.
There are multiple frameworks such as Apache Cordova, Flutter, Ionic, Kindo UI, Monaca, ReactNative, Sencha Touch, Xamarin, etc.